The World Food Prize has the privilege to host hundreds of guests from around the country. Many of our guests are notable scientists, researchers, philanthropists, heads of state, and other types of people that are working for the good of the world in relation to food security and hunger.

Volunteers like YOU make it possible to get these guests from Point A to Point B to help them make the most of their time here in Iowa.

Volunteer drivers pick up people and deliver them to and from the airport or to various meetings and speaking engagements around the Metro Area. There may be some downtime as you wait at the airport or wait for speakers during their presentation.

Schedules for our guests change often and quickly and it is our job to be on call for whatever their needs are. Please be patient with us!

During your down time please feel free to enjoy a book – it helps pass the time!


Click on the links below for helpful information that will guide you through your volunteer experience with the World Food Prize.

2019 WFP Laureate

Check-In Procedure

Getting an Assignment (pdf download)

Checking a Car In/Out

Airport Instructions

Driving a Van

Accidents (pdf download)

Fueling Your Vehicle